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Overland Vehicle Systems  |  SKU: 21179941

Overland Vehicle Systems Large Recovery Bag With Handle And Straps - #16 Waxed Canvas

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 Premium Large Recovery Storage BagOverland Vehicle Systems Canyon Wax Canvas Large Recovery Storage Bag is handcrafted out of premium Cotton Duck infused with Paraffin.  Paraffin is known as Wax Canvas. Our Canyon Wax Large Recovery Storage Bag offers a great way to organize your recovery gear equipment.  Perfect to organize and have fast accessible way to store items such as; snatch blocks, tow straps, kinetic ropes, soft shackles, d-rings, recovery rings, and other recovery gear. The Overland Vehicle Systems Canyon Wax Canvas Large Recovery Storage Bag construction is a tear-resistant fabric for the strength and durability.

Superior Functionality:  The Canyon Wax Canvas Large Recovery Storage Bag is manufactured with Doubled Reinforced Stitching, Two Heavy Duty Alligator buckles, Industrial Nylon Handle, 10 External Rows of Molle Storage Rows, Stainless Steel D-Rings, Heavy Duty Zippers, 3 Internal Pockets, 3 Internal Mesh Holders, and Large Internal Storage.

Included:  Free Shipping, QTY One of the Overland Vehicle Systems Canyon Wax Canvas Large Recovery Storage Bag and USA Call Center Customer Service.


  • Large Storage: Yes
  • Handles: 1
  • Heavy Duty Alligator Buckles: 2
  • Internal Pockets: 3
  • Internal Mesh Holders: 3
  • External Rows of Molle: 10
  • D-Rings: 2
  • Puncture Resistance: Up to 100LBS
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Length: 20"
  • Width: 6"
  • Height: 11"

One-Year Limited Warranty: Overland Vehicle Systems Canyon Wax Canvas Large Recovery Storage Bag comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. Overland Vehicle Systems warranty includes coverage for products with manufacture defects in materials and workmanship. 

Overland Vehicle Systems Canyon Wax Canvas Large Recovery Storage Bag Specification:

  • #16 Wax Canvas
  • Scuffs and Wear Marks Add Patina
  • Wax Canvas is a Timeless Addition

Best Way To Organize Your Overland Gear.

There are many options available for organizing your camping gear and other overlanding supplies. One great solution is to use Overland Vehicle Systems wax canvas bags. Wax canvas bags offer a durable and stylish way to store all your gear, from recovery gear to first aid supplies and camping equipment. With a variety of sizes and styles available, you can find the perfect wax canvas bag to fit your needs.

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With so many uses, wax canvas bags are a versatile and practical solution for organizing your overland gear. Need a way to organize your recovery gear? Try our large recovery wax canvas bag!

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